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Hey all you lovely people and thank you for visiting our dog lovers space!

My name is Sandra Musone and I am a dog mom to 5 and 1/5. Our Musone family is made out of 4 four legged Lithuanian immigrants from various shelters, one danish "designer" dog and a lion head breed rescue bunny. All girl squad! More about each of us you can find under "The Crew".

 We are currently residing in Denmark, in a small and very cosy island, seemingly made for dog pawrents. Not so long ago, we moved into our own house, as our family kept getting bigger, and by that I mean - with dogs. Life is good with a big yard, open fields around to explore and best of all - we live a short walk away from the beach. Not all of us are a fan of the water though, but we all love the beach.

I have a rescue organisation and have been rescuing dogs internationally, through 4 Beloved Paws, since 2016. Well, organisation might sound a bit exaggerated as it's basically me doing what I can, with the help of many many kind and wonderful people. And the help of my dog squad off-course! My moto is to save at least one dog at the time...Slowly but steadily, this is what I am doing. Besides fostering, I am spreading awareness about shelter dogs, promote adoption and fight for - wrongfully demonised - bully breed.


I often repeats to my girls how proud I am of them, for enduring all the extra "dog guests", they did not ask for. But luckily they  understand it's important, so they do their part. 4 Beloved Paws is also the reason why I am a dog mom to so many - there were quite few "foster fails" along the way. In general though, I am very great at keeping it strictly business. I love all dogs, but I am not one of those who would want them all. In fact, I never planned there to be as many as there is now, BUT, I strongly believe in "what's meant to be". Each of the dogs are in this pack for a reason, with a purpose and - because it was meant to be.

My life revolved around animals, ever since I was a baby. While I am not certified in anything, I have a life long gathered knowledge on many things. Dog things. Info from trainers, nutritionists, vets and above all - personal experience.


I am starting this blog, to share our life as a big pack and my experience. Off-course, the unofficial main reason is for me to show off my wonderful kiddos to the world! But also, because I want to help. Help dog pawrents and help dogs in need. Have been doing it for as long as I remember, to anyone who listenes, so now, kinda just amplifying my voice :)

This is not a traditional blog, with many various sources of information, to prove my point. It's gonna be all me, my experience, my suggestions, my tips. I will not write about anything I have no idea about or if I don't believe in what I write. I am open for discussions, suggestions, collaborations and expanding my knowledge with your experience.


I hope my experience will help someone and I hope our family will inspire to foster or/and adopt, because it really makes a difference :)


 SO! Thank you for joining our squad, we look forward sharing our life with you. 

Sloppy kisses and safe virtual handshake - from all of us!

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