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4 years ago, I was already living on my favourite island, in a bigger apartment, and was able to take in foster dogs, to find them new homes from mine. One day, I received a message from my newly acquired friend, with a photo of a dog and a caption " I found you a dog". She was visiting a shelter in Lithuania, with some donations and saw Lucy.

At that moment I already had Josie and Sjuzi, and 2 very complicated foster dogs, destroying my rented apartment.  I said, politely, I think I have enough, thank you. She said - "Just look at those ears!" . And indeed, I did, I did look at those ears and was in love. I contacted that shelter, it was a new shelter, I never spoke to before. I introduced myself and told them, that if Rina (back then that was Lucy's name), will not find a home until a colder season, I will take her in, because it is way too cold, for such a short hair dog, to spend winter season outside. 

The shelter replied, they already have heard about me and will gladly send her to me, with full trust. That's how my friendship with that shelter began and now they are one of my absolute favourites. The shelter feels like a family now, although I did not manage to meet them in person yet. But one day we will visit them for sure!

A month later, on September 23, 2017, I picked Lucy up. She was very happy go lucky, very relaxed, considering she travelled so far. The driver said she was very lively. I greeted her with Sjuzi and Josie. And as with the photo, when I saw her live, I was damn in love. I knew I was in trouble.


Lucy's age was determined to be around 4 years. She was delivered to the shelter by a couple, who said, they found her in their back yard one day. Later on, the shelter said, it looked like it was their dog, from the way she reacted to them. But, if she was, they did not acknowledge that.

She was deeply malnourished, hyper active and not social. She was scared and agressive. It took around a month for them, to socialise her and get back into somewhat shape. But sadly, they did not have very good conditions at that time and she was placed on a leash, outside. The collar on her neck, because of her hyper activeness, caused her trachea issues and a lump. She also had a big scar on her back, signs of old trauma, either caused by human or moving vehicle.

I was told she can be with dogs, not all, but most. They also said, she HATES cats and that was important to know. Later I realised why. There was not much more to go on to. I took in a skinny, very active girl, with most beautiful ears.