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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Starting this community was a very exciting project for me, that I looked very forward to. Then, sadly, a huge wave of problems hit us. Part of those problems, where dog food related. And food was one of the core inspirations for me to start this blog. Therefore, I had to step back and regroup. I regrouped :)

In my previous post, you can learn about our raw food journey and that it did not end well. I was forced to temporarily switch back to our (kinda trusted) kibble, until I found another option. It was painful for me, mentally, to take a step back, instead of forward, but, I had to do it. Luckily, we found another option, that we are switching to now and I am very excited about it.

Just have to point out - this is NOT a paid advertising, I just want to share my excitement and the reasons for it. It might not work out, time will show :)

I saw MÆT advertising on Instagram a while ago. I was attracted by their design and social media presence. For me as a multimedia designer, it's like a shiny thing for crows... and yes, I do judge a book by it's cover, cause I know how much work goes into that cover! Anyway, that's not the point, sorry :)

So, MÆT. Attractive design caught my attention, BUT I assumed, it was just another wet food. Not something I am interested in. I did start to follow them anyway. After our recent fiasco with our raw diet, I looked into them again.

Turns out, they are, from first look, the perfect balance of both worlds. They provide natural, raw food based meals, but they are heat treated to avoid bacteria. That prolongs their expiration date and doesn't require a freezer. Greens, starch and other natural ingredients are blended in as well, to make it fully balanced meal, but since it is all heat treated, it is easier for body to digest in most cases. Like carrots - carrots are easier to digest slightly boiled than raw (a tip from dog diet specialist). The food is not overcooked, so it preserves it's vitamins, but remove the possibility of Salmonella and many other risk factors. At least this is what is advertised on their page. Some essential vitamins are also added, to make sure, the food is balanced. More or less like any dog food on the marked, designed by professionals and specialist.

They do not contains oils, bones or probiotics. But I actually preffer that, because we use coconut oil and others, usually added in food blends, don't work for us. Bones - is the easiest thing to add into diet, with barf treats like chicken wings, chicken necks etc. When it comes to probiotics, either a kefir or yogurt is an option. But if you are milk protein intolerant like me - there are other, powder based options.

I loved the idea of this basis food, made out of meat and veggies (which are the most work to prepare together), but with an open option to improvise, in order to improve the overall diet. I also loved that my daily bloody mess of handling uncooked flesh is over. This food is easier to take with you on your trips, it is delivered to your door periodically and - I assume at least - not raw treats are not gonna mess up their stomachs anymore. We are training and we are taking photos, so treats, that can be stored in the pocket, are kinda essential. While we do use only natural treats, like salmon bites, dried chicken etc, their stomachs still where not fond of this change, when on pure raw diet. And it was a problem.

They are also a very friendly company, with nice costumer service and again - eye catching design. In my world, says a lot about the company behind it :)

So, we start a journey with MÆT. It might not be the right fit either, only using it for some time it will show. I know my kiddos very well, to see if it works for them. Also, I still have the urine strips, mentioned in previous post, to monitor how their body reacts to this new food. What I can say is - that SJUZI LOVES IT! And she is not one to be excited about food, ever. This is a good start in my book.

I'll keep you updated on our journey. In the mean time, if you are in Denmark, check them out - Website / Instagram. If you are from else where, I know for sure, there might be something similar to it, where you come from. Check it out. It is NOT just another industrial food, like I thought in the beginning :)


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