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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

This blog is ongoing work in progress and it might take some time to get into the right shape. But, instead of stressing about it being perfect, I decided to start from something simple, short and yet - utterly important to me.

So, the first advice I want to give, is the advice I took 6 years ago and it started our journey into a healthier and happier life.

Let's start from this simple video, that opened my eyes all those years ago and I never have given a rawhide again.


When I found my soulmate Josie, the first one of the pack, she was being utterly spoiled with everything she desired. Naturally, rawhides, that were sold on every corner, in all shapes and sizes, became a regular treat in Josie's diet. The thought of it being poisonous never even crossed my head, as I assumed, everything that goes onto shelves for sale, are being tested and approved by certified people, who supposed to protect the well being of consumers. Apparently not. Imagine the shock, when I found out the truth!

“Producing rawhide begins with the splitting of an animal hide, usually from cattle. The top grain is generally tanned and made into leather products, while the inner portion, in its “raw” state, goes to the dogs.” The Bark

So, initially, rawhide is a furniture or a shoe or a handbag, but NOT food. This is important to understand. Solely this fact, should be reason enough, not to support that industry anymore.

If you need more, here's more. The harsh truth is - upon testing the rawhides, toxic chemicals like Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium salts, Formaldehyde and several others have been detected. Glue is also an ingredient, to hold the desired shape. This means, what you are giving your beloved family member, is a wrapping of toxic chemicals and glue, all sprinkled with artificial taste and colouring, which are also no less of dangerous chemicals than everything else mentioned so far.

On top, of it being highly poisonous and in long term, will definitely affect your dog's health, it is also a huge CHOCKING HAZZARD. There are multiple cases, where dogs had to undergo a surgery, to remove parts of this dangerous thing, stuck in their throats and intestines.

With all the many natural and healthy options out there, is it really worth it to continue to poison your family member, just to keep them busy for a little while? I certainly understand that love makes us do crazy things, but it should not be this crazy, when there are other options :)

It is rather mind blowing, that even though, the above mentioned facts are widely known, this product is still not forbidden and - in fact - makes up majority of treat options for dogs.

I said no to rawhide long ago and immediately, Josie's digestion and overall well being, including coat and breath - improved. So I shout to everyone I can, ever since, to give up on this poison and maybe, eventually, it will be gone from the market as well!

Stay healthy, stay safe and subscribe to stay updated as I will share all the healthy and natural ways to keep your pooch busy and happy :)

Love, Five and a half dog pack.


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