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MÆT PETS. Part 2

fresch dog food

I have written about MÆT Pets fresh dog food, in one of the previous posts. I never followed up, because I thought it is not working out for us. Well - I was wrong! So, I am writing again. By the way, this is for people living in Scandinavia. Those outside of it, look into similar option in your country, it's worth it!

Josie (in the picture above) is a mix of french bulldog, beagle, mops and danish/swedish farm dog. Her strong and frequent vocals, together with hunting instincts, is clearly beagle. Her gas tank however, is clearly bulldog/mops part of her. By gas tank - I mean she is a fart machine. Correction! - she WAS a fart machine.

Yes, for the, soon to be, 8 years of her life, Josie was the smelly belly, that you could blame all your farts on, without anyone hesitating for a second, that it was her. She always got highest grade food, we also used probiotics, we used all kinds of vitamins. No matter if she ate raw or kibble, she was a gas tank. I know, because her butt is pressed to my nose, every night. I never saw it as a problem, nor expected it to ever change. It was seemingly natural part of her genetics. Turns out, we just needed MÆT pets food!

When switching any kind of food, specially, if you are switching from kibble to natural, there is a period of detoxification. I judged the success, or lack of it, of MÆT, based on their runny eyes. Only Josie, with her multiple surgeries eyes, had them runny until then, so when the others started to have it too, I figured it's a sign of wrong for us food. But in-fact, it was a sign of detoxification, as I know now. Because it goes away.

We have been now consistently using MÆT pets as primary food source, for several months. I do add occasional kibble, or I use kibble as one of the meals of the day as a training tool. But MÆT is above all dominating food source, at this moment. In those months - their coats became extra soft and shiny, even though I though it can't get any better, we have always gotten compliments about that. They became less eager to eat everything that comes in sight, including bird poop outside. Sjuzi does not have such frequent urinary related infections anymore. Above all - Josie is not a gas tank! And for me, that is the most miraculous, unbelievable and mind-blowing indication, that MÆTS is the way to go!

We use only Chicken Deli. I add various vegetables, rice, probiotics, vitamins, oils. I did the same with kibble, but now, I have a fresh source of highest quality meat, as the basis of my meal preparation for them. I regulate myself what I think my furr children need. It variates. Sometimes, they just get MÆT as a training too as well. LICKY MATS is a great tool along with MÆT food, to not only feed them, but also engage their brain and give them a work out with every meal. You can conveniently get one with your MÆT order, or find one suiting you.

SO! Order your TEST KIT today and see how, even the most picky dog (like Sjuzi) will enjoy their meals from now on and will get more happy by the day. You will also enjoy prepping their meals from now on as well - be creative! You can follow my daily version of their food on our Instagram. But I will post few favourite combinations on her as well.

This is currently, in my opinion, the best version of dog food, if you are torn between raw and kibble. This is the, easy to give, healthy middle ground :)


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