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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Through out the, soon to be, seven years with Josie, my first born, who is the longest with me, we have visited the veterinarian for teeth cleaning only once! And it was so little, that everyone, except LU, had their teeth cleaned without any anaesthesia, with few simple swaps.

Teeth health is big part genetics, but also, diet and care. I was not brushing their teeth, I tried, it was too stressfull for them and me. Also, with my ADHD brain, things like that are more complicated than to a normal person. So, like with everything, I try to find an easier, and if I am lucky, better solution.

I have discovered TROPICLEAN products many years ago and they never failed me! Their products are the only once, that do not make my kiddos sick and actually do their job. We use the gel almost every night and whatever build up there might be on dogs teeth, it will come off easily after a week or few of use. I love the foam to freshen up their breath through out the day, when needed or I use it sometimes instead of the gel, at night. I use water additive, but with this big family it uses up very quickly and it's not a very cheap addition :) Nothing is cheap when it's times 5! But in general, their products are very budget friendly, have very wide variety and REALLY DO WORK. You can use one product at the time or combine with more.

If you just have to choose one, I suggest the gel, for nightly applications. Even very big build up, will pop off with a stronger scratch. It's a good one to start with.

I am not super fan of drops into water, I never seem to get the right dose, but it came together with a gel now, so I will try to use it properly. It is also now the first time I am trying the wipes and they, as everything else, worked very well, with already the first use.

Giving a carrot, an apple or a Whimzees treat, after meal, in combination with the use of the gel at night, will clean up your dogs teeth and keep them healthy, without stressing them (or you) out.

So, we HIGHLY RECCOMEND it from personal experience :)


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